Rustom M. Irani

Associate Professor of Finance
Julian Simon Faculty Fellow
Gies College of Business
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Research Affiliate, CEPR

Curriculum Vitae

Research Papers

How Do Short-Term Incentives Affect Long-Term Productivity?
(with Heitor Almeida, Nuri Ersahin, Slava Fos, and Mathias Kronlund)
Review of Financial Studies, Accepted

The Real Effects of Borrower-Based Macroprudential Policy
[Published Version] [Paper] [Appendix]
(with Sjoerd van Bekkum, Marc Gabarro, and José-Luis Peydró)
Journal of Monetary Economics, Forthcoming

The Rise of Shadow Banking: Evidence from Capital Regulation
[Published Version] [Paper] [Appendix]
(with Rajkamal Iyer, Ralf R. Meisenzahl, and José-Luis Peydró)
Review of Financial Studies, 2021 (Editor's Choice)

Can Strong Creditors Inhibit Entrepreneurial Activity?
[Published Version] [Paper]
(with Nuri Ersahin and Katherine Waldock)
Review of Financial Studies, 2021

Creditor Control Rights and Resource Allocation within Firms
[Published Version] [Paper] [Appendix]
(with Nuri Ersahin and Hanh Le)
Journal of Financial Economics, 2021

Collateral Shocks and Corporate Employment
[Published Version] [Paper] [Appendix]
(with Nuri Ersahin)
Review of Finance, 2020

Does a Larger Menu Increase Appetite? Collateral Eligibility and Credit Supply
[Published Version] [Paper] [Appendix]
(with Sjoerd van Bekkum and Marc Gabarro)
Review of Financial Studies, 2018

Loan Sales and Bank Liquidity Management: Evidence from a U.S. Credit Register
[Published Version] [Paper] [Appendix]
(with Ralf R. Meisenzahl)
Review of Financial Studies, 2017

Analyst Coverage and Real Earnings Management: Quasi-Experimental Evidence
[Published Version] [Paper]
(with David Oesch)
Journal of Financial and Quantitative Analysis, 2016

Monitoring and Corporate Disclosure: Evidence from a Natural Experiment
[Published Version] [Paper]
(with David Oesch)
Journal of Financial Economics, 2013